Monday, 19 September 2011


This book was a really good read... Soo good infact I thought I would blog about it!

So basically, It's about a young girl names Jael Thompson. Her father (A ex priest) seems very strange at the begining of the story, But all is revealed as to why he is like this. Why he is trying to protect his daughter so much.. And what from. 
Turns out it is Demons he is trying to protect her from, They want her, They want revenge... You see what I should have said is Jael is half demon! Her mother was a five-thousand-year-old demon and fell in love with Jaels father. In the demon world a"Half Breed" shouldn't exist, It's a rare thing as they try keep it as it is, If your "Half Breed" you could get taken out like that *snaps fingers* 
But Jaels mother loved her daughter dearly (Demon or not, she still had feelings) Demons never liked this... Jaels mother got killed in a fight with a Demon whilst trying to protect her "Half breed" baby. No way were they getting to Jael! Not on her mothers life! 
The only way she could protect Jael was to take away Jaels her demonic powers and give herself up... She did exactly that. 
Jael had a few encounters in life which made her question things...
But as Jaels 16th Bithday arrives, Her father has a girft from her mother,.. A necklace. With all the powers.
It's all about to change up now.... It's about to get interesting! 

Read this book by Jon Skovron and check out 

Great if you like a paranormal read and you get sucked in very easily!



Tea is my Coffee....

I don't know about anyone else, But I can't actually function without having a cup of Tea in the morning.... Needs to be perfectly brewed, Milk and 2 sugars!

I must say I do make I good cup of tea... Could have something to do with those 3 years of training in salon and making Tea all day, everyday! You would have thought I was training for the position of a Tea lady! (I wasn't... Well at-least I hope not anyway!)
But as for Coffee.... I couldn't make it because I could barely stomach the smell of it!
Growing up I always gagged at the smell of Coffee, I'm not sure what it was, But it just had this smell  couldn't stand! It wasn't good when a teacher would be trying to help and Id be like "Eurgh get away from me"
But then they say your senses of Taste and Smell change as you get older and obviously that happened with me...
Im OK with Coffee now, We have a cool relationship. I bought my Other Half a Coffee machine for Christmas so I think out of love for him, My feelings for Coffee have changed slightly.
BUT Coffee will never ever even come close to having a nice, sweet cup of tea!
So Morning Coffee, NO... Morning Tea, YES.


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Good Friends...

Kings Of Leon

K.O.L - Hyde Park - June 2011


Live Laugh Love

Late night on the beach Living, Laughing, Loving. Corfu 2011 

Peace Love n All that!


I have ALWAYS loved my chocolate, I think it runs in the family (My aunt is actually addicted, Like Really!).... Or Erm, Maybe it really is just a Woman thing?  Yeah that's it, Because men, They don't NEED it do they? WE do however. (Well im not sure about you but I sure do)
Chocolate makes me feel better EVERY time, It may only last ten minutes but trust me, That ten minutes of satisfaction is gooood. Love it very muchly! (Muchly being my new made up word)
But anyway, I was just sitting here thinking of My favourite chocolate... ERM.
It's impossible! I love soo many!

As long as it's milk chocolate, It's yum! (Not a fan of cheap chocolate though)
I had a phase of eating Chocolate caramel for ages, Then It was Cookie Crumble chocolate, Now I'm back onto plain milk chocolate... Next week it will be a nutty Chocolate. Indecisive!  Very!

Maybe I just don't have a favourite or i love chocolate SO much that it truly would be impossible for me to choose? Whatever the matter i wouldn't mind bathing in it... Literally.

Peace n Love



 A couple of snaps of the sun setting over Corfu 2011